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Feathered Friend Frenzy

Vote for your favorite functional item created for our feathered friends by members of the Etsy Mud Team. In return for your vote, you'll receive a coupon worth 10% off any item in the following shops: trpottery, smokypendants, jessicasharrah, patspottery, ladymudwerkes, glyntpottery, claynfiber, notengomiedo, brookhousepottery, siennaorlando, lomaprietapottery, laurawallstaylor, lenamiller and brookemillecchia.

The top three members receiving the most votes will receive a prize donated by these shops: ginpins, trpottery, clayslingingmama, dancingdolphinpotter, lennymud, littlebayclay, claynfiber, earthelements, muddys, brookhousepottery and brookemillecchia. To see the prizes, click here.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. birdie branch buffet
0 0 - 0

2. Bird bath
Hodaka Hasebe - Hodakapottery

3. Hanging Bird Feeder
Judy Nevius - JNpottery

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Tree Bath

0 0
Rabbit Head Bird House

0 0
"Love Nest" by Kym Valvieja

Expectant Cat Bird Feeder

0 0
Birch Bird Cottage

Kathi Mohlman
Acorn House

0 0

0 0
Small Bird Bath

0 0
Home Tweet Home Gourd Birdie House

0 0
Cottage Birdhouse

0 0
Home Tweet Home

Deb Babcock
"Vacation by the Ocean" Bird Bath

0 0
beneficial bugs,beautiful birds bathe blithely before breakfast.

0 0
The Bird Shack

0 0
Gourd Bird House

0 0
Flower and Leaf Bird Feeder

0 0
Leafy Retreat Birdbath

0 0
Hanging Bird Feeder

Judy Nevius
Bird bath

Hodaka Hasebe
birdie branch buffet

0 0
Green Slab Bird House

0 0
Sculptural Feather Display

0 0
Tweet Family Birdhouse

0 0