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For the Sake of Sake

Etsy Mud Team members have created Sake Sets (a pouring bottle with 1 or more cups) for this challenge.

Vote for your favorite sake set and in return you will receive a discount coupon to these member shops: patspottery, claynfiber, siennaorlando, trpottery, smokypendants, laurawallstaylor, jessicasharrah, glyntpottery, lomaprietapottery, loveartworks, claycrazypottery, brookhousepottery, foxpots, claydogstudio, dancingdolphinpotter, potterypeddler, khphillips, dbabcock

The top three vote-getters will receive a prize from the following donors: dbabcock, ladymudwerkes, lomaprietapottery, brookhousepottery, jnpottery, claygrl  You can see all the prizes here.


This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Secret Faces Sake Set
0 0 - 0

2. Chrysanthemum Sake Set
0 0 - 0

3. Sake to Me!
Judy Nevius - JNpottery

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White Sake Set

0 0
Sake in Scale

0 0
Sake for Six

Deb Babcock
Sake to Me!

Judy Nevius
Secret Faces Sake Set

0 0
Sake for the Irish

0 0
Sake Set

0 0
Private Sake

0 0
Sake Set for Two in Gray and Blue

Melissa Older
Teal and Silver Gray Sake Set

Jolene Cap
Pink Cherry Blossom Sake Set

0 0
Sip Sake with Friends

Terry Parker
Variation of a San San Kudo Sake Set

0 0
Sake for Two

Keith Phillips
Serenity ice

0 0
Evening Saki

Sake for four

Dorothy Brady
Hurricane Sake Blues

Madeleine Hall-Arber
Sake set Brown and White

0 0
Sake and Romance

0 0
Well preserved Sake

0 0
Sake Squared

Jenny Blasen
Wabi Sabi Sake Set for 2

0 0
"Atomic Fusion" Cold Sake Set

0 0
Kappa Saki Set

0 0
Sake for 3

JD Wolfe
Sake for Me and You

Mary Lavan
Chrysanthemum Sake Set

0 0