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The talented members of the etsy mud team have created wonderful casserole dishes and were also asked to share a recipe (included  in the description) for something that could be made in the casserole.


Vote for your favorite casserole and receive a discount coupon to the shops of EMT members who wish to serve as redemption sites. The three casseroles with the most votes win a prize donated by EMT members.

Prizes donated by: ragingbowl, morrigae, bellajoy, happylake, almapottery, glyntpottery, morrispottery, paulandkatestudio and zephyrvalleypottery.  See prizes here.


The following shops are redeeming 10% off coupons:
To receive a 10% refund on your purchase at any of these shops, simply type Casseroling09 in the notes to seller when you make your purchase. You may use the coupon at as many of these shops as you wish.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Basket weave Casserole
Melissa Older - Misspottery

2. Stoneware Lidded Tube Baker
Judy Nevius - JNpottery

3. Green Lotus Casserol
0 0 - 0

Click images for bigger images.
Blue and White

0 0
Catserole Dish

0 0
Bollywood inspired Lidded Casserole

0 0
Burnt Iron Casserole

0 0
Basket weave Casserole

Melissa Older
Madame Jeanette

Falling Leaves Oval Casserole

Lisa & Alex LaPella
Stoneware Lidded Tube Baker

Judy Nevius
Down to Earth Casserole

Donna Keller
Brown Stoneware Casserole

Pat Parker
Lidded Casserole

0 0
I've got the Blues!

0 0
Dragonfly Casserole

0 0
Casserole For One

0 0
Stoneware Casserole with New Mexico Flair

0 0
Floating Blue Lidded Casserole

Jenny Blasen
Alligator Casserole

0 0
Heaven dish with Stew

0 0

0 0
Spam Mac & Cheese Casserole

Jolene Cap
Textured Casserole

Ceci Capen
Yummy Casserole Dish

0 0
Iron Red and Yellow Casserole

Graciela Testa Lynt
Flippin' Lid Casserole

0 0
My Garden Casserole

Deb Babcock
casserole dish

Dorothy Brady
Light Yellow Squared Casserole

0 0
Casserole in Copper Lava Glaze

0 0
Veggie Casserole

Janet Fairhurst
Barley Casserole

0 0
My Sister's Casserole

Mary Lavan
Cherry Blossoms

0 0
Zen Casserol

0 0
Temoku casserole dish

Judith Frederick
Blue Rutile Casserole Dish

0 0
Textured Oval Casserole

Suzanne Rehbock
Temmoku/Rutile Casserole

Terry Parker

0 0
Green Lotus Casserol

0 0
Falling Leaves

0 0
Cobbler Casserole

Rachel Gayfield