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Mug Swap!!!

October 18-23 Third Annual EMT Mug Swap

Participating members will sign up to swap handmade mugs (as many as you wish to swap) during this popular event. Judy and Rich (JNPOTTERY) will put all of the email registrations into the database and do the drawing on October 24.

You can sign up for the mug swap anytime between October 18 – 23 at which time you

1) provide your name, mailing address, email address, shipping preference (U.S. only or International shipping) and number of mugs you want to swap on the appropriate form: SIGN UP HERE!


2) at the same time, you upload a photo of the mugs you will be swapping. If there is no photo uploaded by the 23rd, then you will not be eligible for the mug swap. (If you're swapping more than one mug, please include all of them in one photo. And if you can include your own mug shot – face shot  -- in the photo, that's even better.)

Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the sender; please be considerate of your fellow swappers and be sure to ship mugs no later than Friday, October 30.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!
Click images for bigger images.
Dragonfly Design Cups

Deb Babcock
TimeFlies and a Ribbed Freind

Shino Daisies and Dots Mug

0 0
Fog and Sea Mist Cups

Dorothy Domingo
Two Rutile Blue Mugs

Graciela Testa Lynt
Colorful Mug

Melissa Older
Get ready to be "mugged"

Kathi Mohlman
Got the Blues!

Dorothy Brady
fall colors

0 0
Espresso Cafe Mug

0 0
grasslands mug

0 0
Favorite Mug

0 0
two woodfired mugs

Denise Morris
Shino Mug

Keith Phillips
Slipped Mug

Sue Pariseau
Turquoise Mug

Hodaka Hasebe
Shades of Blue mug & Temmoku and White mug

Judy Nevius
Spiral Dreams

0 0
Slip, Slipping Away

0 0

0 0
Hedge Apple Tea

0 0
Copper Patina and Rust

0 0
Mug and Mug Shot

0 0
Blushing Rim Mug

0 0
Double Cheers!

0 0
Purple Mug Shot

0 0
Rustic Green Mug

0 0
Swallowtail Mug

0 0
two oldies but goodies

0 0
Emily Dickinson Mug

0 0
Spiral Mug on Spiral Tile trivet

0 0
Woo Blue and Temmoku Mug

Terry Parker
Blue mug with Chickadee

0 0
My Favorite Holiday of the Year!

Mary Lavan
Turquoise and Green Mug

Jenny Blasen
Harvest Gold with Butteryfly Flourish

0 0
Share A Cuppa?

0 0
Rutile Blue Mug

0 0
stump cup w/ plate

0 0
Frog Mug...cuz it's green!

Ceci Capen
Polka Dotted Mug by JDWolfePottery

JD Wolfe
just right for autumn mugs

0 0
Blue and white mug

0 0
2 Cobalt and Turquoise Mugs!

0 0
3 Whimsical Mugs!

0 0
My Swap Mug

Marcelle Walliser
Spice of Life...Morning Tea or Java

0 0
Sweetie Pie Mug

Madeleine Hall-Arber
anytime, anything mug

0 0
Dive! mug

0 0
A Little Blue Star-shine Mug

0 0
Midnight Mug

0 0
Wee Greenie

0 0
Black Swirl Mug

0 0
cranberry basket weave and turquiose mug

0 0
Mugs of the Underworld!

0 0