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Put a Lid on It

Participating EMT members have created a vessel with a lid – functional or nonfunctional  - wheel-thrown or handbuilt – for this challenge. Please check out all the entries below and vote for the one that is your favorite lidded vessel. Upon completion of your vote, you may redeem your coupon at as many of the 60 shops accepting coupons as you wish. To redeem a coupon, just type LID20 into the message to seller when you make your purchase. They will refund 20% of your purchase price. Coupons expire March 31, 2010.


The three vessels with the most votes win a prize donated by EMT members.

Prizes have been donated by:

To view the prizes, click here


The following shops are redeeming 20% off coupons:

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Textured Metallic Jar with Opal Interior
Judy Nevius - JNpottery

2. Starfish Candle Box
Lisa Sowers - laspottery

3. claylicious jar
eshkar butbul - claylicious

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Calico Lidded Jar

Jolene Cap
Acorn Casserole

0 0
Fiddler Crab

0 0
Yoda Jar

0 0
Sgrafitto'd Lidded Jar

0 0
Lizard Garden Box

0 0
Wizard's Treasure Box

0 0

0 0
Chickadees Honey Jar

Mary Lavan
Mod Flower Sugar Bowl

Karen Fiorino
earth and sky jar

0 0
Family Jar

Lotus Blossom Lidded Vase

Lisa & Alex LaPella
Arcorn & Sunflower Cookie Jar

0 0
Amber Celadon Lidded Jar

0 0
Mussel Beach

Jill Taylor
Surreal Sprout

0 0
Tall Celadon Dragonfly Jar

0 0
Lidded Raku Vase

Ceci Capen

0 0
Textured Lidded Jar

Terry Parker
Arts & Crafts Jar

0 0
The Noisy Rooster

0 0
Coil Pot with Driftwood

0 0
Purple Rain, Purple Rain

0 0
Kalidoscope casserole

Suzanne Rehbock
Vanilla Tears Lidded Jar

Deb Babcock
Dragonfly Landing Garlic Keeper Jar

Melissa Older

Hodaka Hasebe
Spring Floral Lidded Container

0 0
Dragonfly Tortilla Warmer

0 0
Textured Metallic Jar with Opal Interior

Judy Nevius
Garlic Keeper by FalconHillPottery

0 0
Pumpkin Knob Casserole

0 0
Oval Lidded Canister

Graciela Testa Lynt
Lidded Raku Jar

Dorothy Brady
Leaf Topped Butter Keeper

0 0
Tall Lidded Container

0 0
Liddded Vessel

0 0
Betty's Blue Jar

Barbara Rog

0 0
Lidded Jar

0 0
Textured Ocean Casserole

Donna Keller
green celadon casserole

0 0
Little lidded pot

Dorothy Domingo
faux ash wood fired coffee canister

Kathi Mohlman
Star Dog Vessel

Tina Francis
Swoop Butter Dish

0 0
Green Your Kitchen!

Madeleine Hall-Arber
Heart candle holder

Judith Frederick
Raku Bone Jar

0 0
Earth Horse Jar

0 0
Garlic Jar in Two Greens

Tina Granville
claylicious jar

eshkar butbul
Autumn Haze Leaf Dish

0 0
Garlic Keeper with Natural Cork Lid

0 0
Warrior Princess Cookie Jar

0 0

0 0
Veggie Steamer

0 0
Soda fired pocketbook

0 0
Loopy Tan Casserole

Janet Fairhurst
Cookie Jar

0 0
Starfish Candle Box

Lisa Sowers

0 0
Twisted Raku Box with Lid

Marcelle Walliser
Blue Arabesque

0 0
Exotic landscape lidded jar no 2

0 0
Floating Blue Flower Jar

Jenny Blasen
Peace, Love and Happiness Bowl

0 0
Oriental Dragonfly Vessel

0 0
Small Micaceous Clay Pot

0 0