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Platter Challenge

Visit the bottom of this page to see all the platters created by participating members of the Etsy Mud Team. Vote for your favorite and the artist with the most votes will win a prize donated by a volunteer member. See prizes here.

Everyone who votes in this challenge will receive a coupon good for 20% off at participating member shops: (Or after you vote, simply type Platter20 into the coupon box when you make a purchase from any of these shops. You'll get an instant 20% reduction in the price of your purchase.) These shops are accepting coupons:

Artists are responsible for uploading their photographs and descriptions no later than midnight EST February 20, 2011 No exceptions.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Wildflowers #2
Marietta Theodorou-LeMieux - blueroompottery

2. Bird Rim Rustic Platter
Sheila Corbitt - sheilasart

3. Monet Wannabe Water lily Platter
deborah gordon - dgordon

Click images for bigger images.
Grandma's Doily Platter

0 0
spiral platter

Judith Frederick
Monet Wannabe Water lily Platter

deborah gordon
Keep Your Eyes Peeled...

Karen Fiorino
My Grandma's Linens

0 0
Frosty Green Platter

Tina Granville
Hostess Entertaining Platter - Mosaic Tiles Pattern

Melissa Older
Wood Fired Platter

Pat Parker
Sunburst Platter

0 0
Earthenware Platter

0 0
Tree of Life Platter

0 0
baguette tray

0 0
Resist Glazed Stoneware Platter

0 0
Japanese Maple Leaf Platter

Sue Capillo
valentines day tattoo

0 0

0 0
Leaf Platter

0 0
Leaf Platter

0 0
Images Wood-fired Platter

0 0
Square Textured Serving Platter

Ceci Capen

0 0
Wheat Design Platter

0 0
Green Sea Shell Platter

0 0
Bird Rim Rustic Platter

Sheila Corbitt
Owl and Moon Platter

Jacqueline Allard
Aspen Forest Platter

Deb Babcock
starry, starry..... eggs?

Charity Hofert
Blood Splatter Platter

Jill Taylor
Sweet Hearts

0 0
It's A Pi Filled World

0 0
wood on wood tray

Kathi Mohlman
Skamania Leaf Platter or Wall Hanging

Jolene Cap
Eucalyptus Serving Platter

Barbara Rog
Winter White Drifts Platter

0 0
Bird Server

0 0
Earthy Catalpa Leaves Serving Platter

0 0
Jumping Rabbit Platter 20"

0 0

0 0
Platter with fluted rim

Graciela Testa Lynt
Warmth of the Sun Platter 17"

0 0
Platter With Stripes

0 0
Future Artifact Platter

0 0
Sea Inspired Serving Platter

0 0
Terracotta Sunshine Celebration Platter

0 0
Sunflower Platter

Mary Lavan
Lime Tray.

0 0
Stamped Raku Platter

0 0
Fish Print Platter

0 0
a little rough around the edges

0 0
Wildflowers #2

Marietta Theodorou-LeMieux
The Ants Come Marching

0 0