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Donut Challenge

Participating EMT members have created donut-shaped items -- wheel-thrown or hand-built -- in any size, shape and design  made of clay and which contain a hollow circular shape with a hollow center somewhere on the creation.. The artists with the most votes will win a prize donated by a volunteer member. Everyone who votes in this challenge will receive a coupon good for 20% off at participating member shops.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Tea for Trudy
0 0 - 0

2. 0

3. Split Ring Candle Holder
Judy Nevius - JNpottery

Click images for bigger images.
Shiny Black Donut Teapot and Son

Pat Parker
Roy G Biv Fishy Ring Teapot

0 0
Aged Copper Teapt

0 0
Tea for Trudy

0 0
Donut Vase

0 0
Little Donut City

0 0
Enchanted Fairy Garden Sculpture

0 0
My flower garden pitcher

Deb Babcock
deliciously low-calorie!

0 0
Circular Vase

Kamielle Shaffer
Donuts and tea?

Hodaka Hasebe
Mug with Donut Hole Handle

0 0
Hole in One

0 0
Fog Donut Vase

Dorothy Domingo
Split Ring Candle Holder

Judy Nevius
sea tube flower pendant

Kathi Mohlman
19 and One to Grow On

0 0
Donut Gymnastics

Madeleine Hall-Arber
Mohawk Fish Pitcher / Teapot

0 0
A spot of tea perhaps!

Dorothy Brady
Advent Wreath

Graciela Testa Lynt
Bird Feeder with Donut Reservoir

Judith Frederick
Flowering Candle Ring

0 0
Seafest Shell and Starfish Frame

Lisa Boucher
Zen Garden Sculpture

Lisa Sowers
Wall Hanging Donut Vase

Marcelle Walliser