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Trinket Dish Swap

Make a trinket dish for swapping with other EMT members during his fun event.  You may sign up here to participate between May 1st and May 7th and must have a photo of your trinket dish(es) uploaded no later than midnight EST May 7th, 2011.  You may swap as many trinket dishes as you wish and will receive, in turn, an equal number of them created by other members of our team.  If your photo is not uploaded by May 7th, your name will be removed from the swap list.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!
Click images for bigger images.
Aspen Forest Trinket Dish

Deb Babcock
Raku Trinket Dishes

0 0
Trinket Dishes (3)

Jill Taylor
Ye Lil' Jar O' Gems

0 0
Hello Doily!

0 0
Flower Cup bowl

0 0
Paisley Two Tone Trinket Dish

Barbara Rog
Sakura Dish 1

0 0
Two Ravens Dish

0 0
Little Bird by Sweetpea Cottage Pottery

0 0
Mamma Chicken with Chicks

Peggy Hamlin
Wood-fired Dish

0 0
Sunflower Tray

0 0
Little trinket dishes

0 0
Square Stamped Temmoku Plate

Judy Nevius
Leaf Impression Trinket Dish

Jenny Blasen
violet petal dish

0 0
Dragonfly Dish

Melissa Older
Stoneware Slab Mustard Leaf Dish

Lisa Boucher