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Pottery with Messages


Say What? Pottery with Messages
August 21 - 27

Members of the Etsy Mud Team made something with a message for this challenge -- wheel-thrown or hand-built -- in any size, shape and design as long as it is made of clay and makes a statement of some kind whether overt or subtle. The artist with the most votes will win a prize   donated by a volunteer member. Everyone who votes in this challenge will receive a coupon good for 20% off at participating member shops - you have to enter your email address to receive the coupon.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. White Rabbit
0 0 - 0

2. Give It A Chance
Lee Jackson - Diciedue

3. I Love My Dog bowl

Click images for bigger images.
Owl Holding Space for the Dream of LOVE

0 0
The alcoholic pothead

0 0
Live Your Dream

deborah gordon
Earth Mother

Jacqueline Allard
Give It A Chance

Lee Jackson
Safe in the Eye of the Storm

0 0
Bird Nest Sculpture

Pat Parker
This Kitchen is Gluten Free

Licia Lucas-Pfadt
Vase with message "Energy," Eternity," "Love"

0 0
Pick me! No, Pick me! No, me!

Deb Babcock
Flowering Peace Necklace

Tina Francis

0 0
Cherish Platter with Hearts Great for Wedding Gift

Melissa Older
Bear Spirit Guide

0 0

0 0
Pong and Chow

Dorothy Domingo
I Love My Dog bowl

Judith Frederick

0 0
Live it up!

0 0

0 0

stacy gupton

0 0

0 0

0 0
Laughter Planter

0 0
tiny bowl of hope and love

Kathi Mohlman
That's what she said

0 0
Happiness Wall Piece

Jill Taylor
Dock Time

Sue Capillo
Rebus Mirror

0 0
White Rabbit

0 0
The Pertinacity Wall Tile

0 0

0 0
Celebrate Neurodiversity!

Graciela Testa Lynt
Ewe Knit

0 0
Yum I love pie

0 0
Journey Beyond...

0 0
I Was Made For You

Kamielle Shaffer
Lion and Lamb

Peggy Hamlin
Just a Toy

0 0
God of gluttony

Kyou Mo Niko Niko

0 0
Save the Little Chickens Platter

0 0

0 0
ambition is good

0 0
The Power of Resting Cat by sheilasart

Sheila Corbitt
Lover or Fighter?

0 0
Witch Demands Flying Monkeys Black Cup/Vase

0 0
Beatles Lyric Bowl

0 0
Swirling Memories

0 0
Sailing to Byzantium Plate

0 0
Inspirational Flock of Words and Wings

0 0
Clear Cut Casualty

0 0

Cheryl Wolff
Framed Okra Tile

Lisa Sowers
Nutless Mug

Jenny Blasen
Escape to the Sea

Madeleine Hall-Arber