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Cookie Jar/Ginger Jar Challenge

Cookie Jar/Ginger Jar Challenge - October 2 - 8

Participating members have made a lidded jar for this challenge  The artist with the most votes will win a prize donated by a volunteer member. See prizes here. Everyone who votes in this challenge will receive a coupon good for 20% off at participating member shops. (Be sure to enter your email address to receive the coupon -- and check your spam file in case it goes there.)

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Pumpkin Candy Jar
Judy Nevius - JNpottery

2. Lidded Jar in Blue
Deb Babcock - dbabcock

3. Jar with Lizard
0 0 - 0

Click images for bigger images.
Lidded Jar in Blue

Deb Babcock
3/4 Quart Bean Pot/Jar

0 0
Grape Vine Cookie Jar

Lee Jackson
Textured Lidded Urn

Pat Parker
We Want Cookies Now! Jar

0 0
Kitty Treat Keeper

Sheila Corbitt
Penland Lidded Jar

0 0
Celadon Cookie Jar

0 0
Matte Turqoise Lidded Urn

Dorothy Domingo
Raku Lotus Leaf Lidded Jar

Jolene Cap
Sea Blue Sugar Bowl

0 0
Maple Leaf Shadow Box Jar

Tina Granville
Harvest Colors Wee Wheel Turned Jar

Melissa Older
Cooke Jar Trifecta!!

0 0
Tall Cobalt Blue Frog Jar

Daisy Friesen
Blue-lover's Cookie Jar

0 0
Kitchen canister with lid

Julie Cavender
Elephant Kingdom Jar

0 0
Bad Day at Work - Cookie Jar

0 0
blue and white cookie jar

Dorothy Brady
fishy garlic jar

stacy gupton
Ginger the Heads Off Jar

0 0
Turquoise & Cream

Ceci Capen
Pumpkin Jar

0 0
Sweet Stuff Cookie Jar

Keith Phillips
Salt of the Sea Box

Tina Francis
Cookie Jar With Painted Tulips

0 0
Toddington Jar

0 0
Covered Jar - Ginger Jar

Suzanne Kouris
Roly Poly Jar

0 0
Folk Art Madonna

Jill Taylor
Pumpkin Candy Jar

Judy Nevius
Jar with Lizard

0 0
Fern Box

Sue Capillo
In a Perfect World

Melissa Brown
cookie jar

Ray Morales
Large Porcelain Jar

Kathleen Sarsfield
the key to the cookies

0 0
Forest and Sea Jar

Mary Lavan
Ice Bucket with Tennis Design

Lisa Sowers
Raku Horned Puffin Lidded Jar

0 0
Tall Birch Jar Vase

Kathi Mohlman