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The Color Purple

Vote for your favorite piece of pottery in our The Color Purple Challenge. The artist with the most votes wins a prize donated by a member volunteer; and everyone who votes in the challenge receives a coupon good for 20% at participating shops. You'll receive an email with list of participating shops right after you complete your vote. (Check your spam filter if it doesn't come through within an hour.)

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Purple Splash Bowl
Melissa Older - Misspottery

2. The Purple People Eater Coffee Pot!!
Pat Parker - patspottery

3. Ravens Purple Mug

Click images for bigger images.
Blue and Purple Heart Swirl Dish

Sara Goldhawk
earth to sky organic blues large bowl

0 0

0 0
Van Gogh Irises

0 0
Purplicious Rice Bowl Set

Deb Babcock
Wonderfully Purple Pendant

0 0
Purple Poppy Field

Suzanne Rehbock
Purple-Haired Self Portrait

0 0
Nuttin' but Purple

deborah gordon
Purple Goddess Shoe

0 0
It starts with purple......

Kathi Mohlman
Love Never Forgets Alzheimer's pendant

0 0
Happy Home Pendant

0 0
Purple Peony Passion

0 0
Purple Lovers

0 0
Sea Urchin Vase

0 0
Purple Lava Rock Vase

0 0
Palest Purple on Purple Vase

Suzanne Kouris
Peacock's Purple Glory

Madeleine Hall-Arber
~~Purple Rain Purple Rain~~

0 0
Textured Yarn Bowl

Donna Keller
Pack of Panicking Purple Puffers

0 0
Imagine Peace Platter & Dip Bowl

0 0
Purple Burst Studs

0 0
Celestial Santa

Lisa & Alex LaPella
The Purple People Eater Coffee Pot!!

Pat Parker
Purple striped raku vase

0 0
Carved sculptural rattle

0 0
Kitty Priestess

Jill Taylor
purple plate octopus

0 0
Purple and Green Ring Catcher

Sheila Corbitt
purple with reitz green

0 0
Tumbler with Purple Flowers

0 0
Purple Aura Cookie Jar

0 0
Purple Horse Pendant

Denise Morris
Purple skydazer plates

0 0
Lavender Bowl with Flowers

0 0
Fig Jam Jar

Tina Francis
Flower Brick

0 0
Flight of Fancy Purples

0 0
Lavender and Plum Mugs

stacy gupton
Purple Coneflower Java Mug

0 0
Purple Snake Ankh Urn

0 0
twisted hippy

0 0
Ravens Purple Mug

Judith Frederick
Purple Splash Bowl

Melissa Older
Paired Bowl Tentacle Dish

0 0
Circus Tent Jar

0 0
Frilly Lavendar Berry Bowl

0 0
Jewelry / Earring Bowl in Mulberry Purple

Marcelle Walliser