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Potters Pick

This challenge is a free-for-all with each team member entering whatever item they want in the challenge.The artist with the most votes wins a prize donated by a member volunteer; and everyone who votes in the challenge receives a coupon good for 20% at participating shops. Be sure to enter your email to recieve a coupon, and check your spam filter if the coupon doesn't arrive within a few minutes of voting.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Mystical Night Tea Cups
Sheila Corbitt - sheilasart

2. Golden Sun Flower Wall Hanging
Karen Fiorino - ClayLickCreekPottery

3. Owl & Pussycat
Jill Taylor - jillatay

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Last Leaves Clinging

deborah gordon
Mad Hatter

0 0
Grudge Vessel

0 0
Turquoise Vase with Carved Circle Pattern

0 0
Raven Remembers

0 0
Porcelain sunflowers

0 0
All Patched Up And Good As New

0 0
raku on fire

Dorothy Brady
Toad Jar

0 0
Hand Built Porcelain Soda Fired Pitcher

Tina Granville
Golden Green Lotus Bowl

0 0

0 0
Hand built tall vase utensil holder

Julie Cavender

0 0
Mystical Night Tea Cups

Sheila Corbitt
Turquoise Blue Porcelain Spiral Jar with Stone Knob by David Voorhees

0 0
Turquoise blue vase

0 0
Angel Wings

Deb Babcock
Birdie - Fly Birdie Fly

0 0
Ice Fishing Vase

0 0
Thrown Bones

Elisabeth Carnell
Carved Salt and Pepper Set

Cheryl Wolff
Plague Doctor

0 0
Rustic Patina Flower Mug

0 0
Accidental Turtle-ist

Melanie Kanz
'Bamboo Box'

0 0
Oak Leaf Hydrangea Platter

0 0
Tilted Glassy Green Teapot

0 0
Lidded Vessel

0 0
Terra Firma Family

0 0
Golden Sun Flower Wall Hanging

Karen Fiorino
Altered Bowl with Handles

Barbara Rog

Hodaka Hasebe
White Wizard Oil Lamp

0 0
Choose To Make An Impact

Micky Adams
Bunnies on a Soap Dish

Peggy Hamlin
Green Pottery Skirt Vase

0 0
Smoke-fired Platter

0 0
Coral Reef

0 0
Dish with blue crystalline glaze

0 0
Crystal Waters Over Birch

0 0
Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

0 0
Inukshuk Pendant

0 0
Tall Fog Basket

Dorothy Domingo
double handled yarn bowl

0 0
Sugar Pig

0 0
Cobalt Blue Frog Jar

Daisy Friesen
Cream And Sugar Set

Patricia Sadler Trainor
Blue Gray Koi

0 0
A Bowl that's Classy and Colorful

0 0
Lotus Zen Fountain

0 0

0 0
Owl & Pussycat

Jill Taylor
Speckled Ivory Leaf Bowl

Karen Merrell
SPIT wins the race

0 0
Jar with Flower Lid

0 0
Hand Built Love Mug in Tiffany Blue

Melissa Older
Cupcakes are for the Birds

0 0
Blue Kaleidoscope Snowflake Pin

Lisa Boucher
Butterfly Plates and Bowl

Pat Parker
Textured Casserole

0 0
lidded jar

Ray Morales
He Wanted to be a Cowboy

0 0
My Boots

0 0
Clove of garlic anyone?

Madeleine Hall-Arber
head above water

0 0
Sea Turtle Platter

Jacqueline Allard

Anna Woolf