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Etsy Mud Team members have made a candle holder / votive or tealight holder / luminary for this challenge. Vote for your favorite one below!

The artist with the most votes wins a prize donated by a member volunteer; and everyone who votes in the challenge receives a coupon good for 20% at participating shops. You'll receive a coupon code by email immediately after voting. If it's not in your mailbox, please check your spam filter.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Green Cut out Globe

2. Tiny Cottage Luminaria
0 0 - 0

3. Blue Rose Blooming
0 0 - 0

Click images for bigger images.
Trio of Lights

Sheila Corbitt
Tiny Cottage Luminaria

0 0
Sloop Topped Candle Holder

0 0
Deep Purple Tea Light Holder

Melissa Older
Black Cat Candle Holders

Lisa Sowers
Waffled Luminary

0 0
Luminaria Tart Burner

Deb Babcock
OOAK Candlestick made in Penland

Pat Parker
sandpiper candlestick

0 0
Ceramic Votive Candle Holder Luminary in White with Pale Yellow Rim

Sara Goldhawk
Dragon Luminary

0 0
Blue Delight

Jenny Blasen
Dragonfly candle holders

deborah gordon
Dragonfly Votive Candle Shelter

Tina Granville
Green Cut out Globe

Judith Frederick
Lily Trio Candleholders

0 0
Stoneware Bird Candlestick

Barbara Rog
African Silk-Cotton Tree Candelabra or Menorah

Madeleine Hall-Arber
Set of 3 Lavender Candleholders

Suzanne Kouris
Blue Rose Blooming

0 0
Mountain Top Lantern

Sue Capillo
Heart Design Candleholder

0 0
Fairy Luminary

0 0
Ginkgo Candle Cup

Daisy Friesen
Lacy midnight blue candle holder

0 0
Tiny Bronze Glaze Temple Shrine

Jill Taylor
Turquoise Matte Candlelight

0 0
Peacock Oil Lamp

Suzanne Rehbock