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Two by Two - Pairs of Things

Two by two

Members of the Etsymudteam have created pairs of things for this challenge.VOTE for your favorite entry and you'll receive a coupon by return email for 20% off your purchase at participating shops. Voting ends at midnight on March 10th

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Pair of Lace Imprinted Plates
0 0 - 0

2. Two Wine Goblets
Pat Parker - patspottery

3. Crimson Clover
Suzanne Rehbock - flyingpignc

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Nesting Dishes

Licia Lucas-Pfadt
Two Hearts Beating as One

deborah gordon
Set of Two Rustic Red Pottery Bowls

Sheila Corbitt
Two Wine Goblets

Pat Parker
Beer Steins

0 0
Tea for Two

0 0
Alphabet Soup

Graciela Testa Lynt
Two Blue Birds

Dorothy Domingo
espresso cups

Hodaka Hasebe
Emerald Falls bowls- set of 2

0 0
Two Guinea Pigs

Peggy Hamlin
Love Birds

Jyl Aker
Pair of Heart Cups

Karen Fiorino
Heart and Love Nesting Bowl Set of Two

Deb Babcock
Best Friends Forever

Jill Taylor
Dew on the Calla Lilies

0 0
Cream and Sugar Birchware

Brenda Werner
Nature's Bounty

0 0
Salt and Pepper Shakers

Marcelle Walliser
I Do. Me TOO. Wedding Ring Bearer Bowl Set

0 0
Chips and Salsa set

Judith Frederick
Rustic Red Cup Duo

0 0
Strawberry salt and pepper shakers

0 0
Iron Red Bowls

Daisy Friesen
Celebration Bowls

0 0
Marriage Mugs

Melissa Older
Pair of Lovebird Mugs

0 0
Cheers - "Two Us"

0 0
Bathroom accessory ser

Julie Cavender
Wood-fired Tumblers

Sue Pariseau
Pair of Lace Imprinted Plates

0 0
Bert & Ernie

Leonard Conte
Set of Two Ceramic Mugs with Thumb Rest

Donna Keller
Double Stoneware Planter

0 0
Pair of Musical Frogs

0 0
Scooters two

Stephanie Corridori
twiggy bowl set

0 0
Horse Nesting Bowls

Jacqueline Allard
Crimson Clover

Suzanne Rehbock
Primrose Cottage Earrings

0 0