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✻ Flower Pots ✻

Members of the Etsy Mud Team have created some wonderful flower pots below. Please look over the list and vote for the one you like best! When you leave your email after voting, you'll automatically receive a coupon code for 20% your pottery purchase at dozens of etsy shops. Voting ends at midnight April 28th.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Spring Green Cache Pot/ Flower Pot
Charity Hofert - chARiTyelise

2. Hanging planter
Leonard Conte - Lenconte

3. Whimsically Seussical Flower Pot
0 0 - 0

Click images for bigger images.
Old as the Hills

deborah gordon
Hanging Planter

0 0
Crow Planter

Jill Taylor
Textured Earth planter

0 0
Blue Drip Decorated Planter

Jyl Aker
Teapot flowerpot

0 0
Turquoise Bloom Pot

Dorothy Domingo
Water Color Blue Rustic Flower Pot

Sheila Corbitt
Garden Gnome Planter with Newt

0 0
Hand built flower pot

Julie Cavender
Self Watering Violet Pot

Mary Lavan
Mossy Green Planter

0 0
Ceramic planter with attached saucer

Pat Parker
A lovely shade of blue

0 0
King of Hearts

Peggy Hamlin
About Face Vase

0 0
Great Oval Planter

Marcelle Walliser
Woodgrain Carved Planter

0 0
Golden Dragonfly Planter

Karen Merrell
My Jardiniere

0 0
Whimsically Seussical Flower Pot

0 0
Hanging planter

Leonard Conte
Waterfall Beauty

Deb Babcock
Black Cat Planter

Lisa Sowers
Spring Green Cache Pot/ Flower Pot

Charity Hofert
Green Swirls

Jenny Blasen