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Tantalizing Surfaces

Members participating in this challenge made objects that feature a tantalizing surface. The three artists with the most votes will win a prize donated by a member volunteer (if there are enough prizes donated); and everyone who votes in the challenge receives a coupon good for 20% off at participating member shops. Check out the entries below and VOTE for your favorite today. Voting ends September 1st at midnight EST. 

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Bubble Wrap Slab Built Mugs
Melissa Older - Misspottery

2. Blue Beach Stone Ceramic Planter
0 0 - 0

3. Garden puzzle box
0 0 - 0

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Big Mouth Textured Tea Pot

0 0
Crocheted Lace Plate

stacy gupton
Slipped Pitcher and Tumblers

Pat Parker
Woodgrain Tea Set

0 0
Stoneware Bowl

Elisabeth Carnell
Bur Oak Lamp

Daisy Friesen
Bubble Wrap Slab Built Mugs

Melissa Older
faceless mermaid flower frog

Kathi Mohlman
Seabreeze Porcelain Set

0 0
Black, gold and red flourish (wall art)

Marion Walsh

0 0
Heather Moor Lotus

deborah gordon
Ladybugs in the Grass Teapot

0 0
Angel Wings Lidded Jar

Deb Babcock
Colorful Textured Raku Vase

Ceci Capen
Spiral bowl

Judith Frederick
Burnished Pot

Jyl Aker
Old English Sheepdog

Peggy Hamlin
Blue Flower Pitcher

Kamielle Shaffer
Garden puzzle box

0 0
Winking Bacchus Wine Jug and Grape Cups

0 0
Low Fire Bowl

0 0
Boxed Butterfly

Lee Jackson
Pale Pink Sprig Lentel Ceramic Bead

0 0
Blue Beach Stone Ceramic Planter

0 0
Surfs Up Stoneware Starfish Pendant

Lisa Boucher
Textured Bowl

0 0
Ripe For Harvest

0 0
Sea Anemone Bowl

Tina Francis
Tribal Raven

0 0
Heavy Metal Teabowl

Page Kelly Piccolo
Vase of Many Lines

0 0
Serving plate with sea inspired design

0 0
Zig Zag Butter Bell

0 0
Vintage Star

Jenny Blasen
Coral Reef Sea Ocean inspired Ceramic Wall Art Hanging

0 0
Triple Textured Jars

Jill Taylor
Stoneware Bowl

Barbara Rog
Blue Accent Platter

0 0
Tile with Texture 4" by 4"

0 0
Starfish Hurricane Lamp

Lisa Sowers