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Mug Swap 2012

Participating members will sign up to swap handmade mugs (as many as you wish to swap) during this popular event. Judy and Rich (JNPOTTERY) will put all of the email registrations into the database and do the drawing on November 5, 2012. You can sign up for the mug swap anytime between October 15  –  November 4th, at which time you

1) provide your name, mailing address, email address, shipping preference (U.S. only or International shipping) and number of mugs you want to swap on the appropriate form (Click Here)

2) at the same time, you upload a photo of the mugs you will be swapping. If there is no photo uploaded by November 4th, then you will not be eligible for the mug swap. (If you're swapping more than one mug, please include all of them in one photo. And if you can include your own mug shot – face shot  -- in the photo, that's even better.)

Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the sender; please be considerate of your fellow swappers and be sure to ship mugs no later than Monday, Nov 12th.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Small Mugs
Hodaka Hasebe - Hodakapottery

2. Sleeping Puppy Cup
Peggy Hamlin - flowerandpearlstudio

3. Hand-carved woodland forest mug
Deb Babcock - dbabcock

Click images for bigger images.
Five Attractive Mugs To Swap

0 0
Mug with Trees

0 0
Iron Red Square Mug

David Gordon
Hand-carved woodland forest mug

Deb Babcock
Fluted Mug in Green Stone

Kamielle Shaffer
seaweed green mug

stacy gupton
Black and White PoPPies Mug

0 0
My Newest Clay Experiment Two-toned Stoneware Mug

Karen Fiorino
Light as a Feather

0 0
Scallop Cup

0 0

eshkar butbul
Coffee Mugs with Driftwood Handles and Celadon Green Inside

Neale LaSalle
Dark Brown Dragonfly Mug

Karen Merrell
1 Large Green & Clear Ceramic Mug with vintage floral print

0 0
Bitty Thug Mugs

Jo Clay
Night & Day mug

Judy Nevius
Blue Textured Mug

0 0
Woodfired striped mug

Sue Pariseau
A nice large mug

Dorothy Brady
Red Dots Mug

0 0
Stamped Red Mug

0 0
three mugs for swapping

0 0
Speckled Raw Stone Mug

Sheila Corbitt
Sky Blue and White Mug

Donna Keller
Sleeping Puppy Cup

Peggy Hamlin
Checkered Mug

0 0

Licia Lucas-Pfadt
Carved Green Mug

0 0
Small Mugs

Hodaka Hasebe
A plump bird to share your morning cuppa with.

Melissa Brown
Pine Cone Mug

Mary Lavan
Tea for Two (or Coffee) Mug Swap 2012

Jill Taylor
Jade green mug

0 0
Olive Ceramic Coffee Mug

Pat Parker
Speckled Mug - Orange and Cream

Melissa Older
Stony Blue Man Mug

Madeleine Hall-Arber
Mug in Autumn Browns

Elisabeth Carnell
Facetted Mug

Daisy Friesen