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Build me up, Buttercup

 Talented members of the Etsy Mud Team have created something that butter is placed in or on. Check out the entries below and vote for your favorite.

The three artists with the most votes will win a prize donated by a member volunteer; and everyone who votes in the challenge receives a coupon good for 20% off at participating member shops. (Be sure to provide your email address when you vote and your coupon will come by return mail -- check your spam filter if it doesn't arrive within an hour.)

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Little Red Caboose Butter Dish
Jill Taylor - jillatay

2. seeing spots butter dish
Charity Hofert - chARiTyelise

3. Roses at Sunset Domed Butter Dish
0 0 - 0

Click images for bigger images.
Buddha Butter Dish

Jyl Aker
Woodland Forest Butter Dish

Deb Babcock
french butter dish in shino and lime green

0 0
Large Covered Butter Dish

Marcelle Walliser
Covered Butter Dish

Tina Granville
Butter crock set

Julie Cavender
Espresso Sunrise Butter Cheese Bell

Pat Parker
Everything is Better with Butter Casserole

Jolene Cap
Lasagna noodle shaped, Olive decorated, but great for butter dish

Karen Fiorino
Butter Jar

Melissa Older
Flash of Light Butter Bell

0 0
French Butter Keeper

Suzanne Kouris
Bird Butter Dish

Jacqueline Allard

0 0
Shino Butter jar

Judith Frederick
French Butter Keeper

0 0
Butter Dish

Graciela Testa Lynt
Bashful Butter Keep

0 0
Roses at Sunset Domed Butter Dish

0 0
Little Red Caboose Butter Dish

Jill Taylor
Color Splash Butter Dish

0 0
seeing spots butter dish

Charity Hofert