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Home is where the ♥ is

Talented members of the Etsy Mud Team have created something that involves building a house -- making one out of clay, using a house motif on a clay creation as a design element or whatever you decide depicts the theme: Home is where the heart is. Check out the entries below and vote for your favorite.

The three artists with the most votes will win a prize donated by a member volunteer; and everyone who votes in the challenge receives a coupon good for 20% off at participating member shops. (Be sure to provide your email address when you vote and your coupon will come by return mail -- check your spam filter if it doesn't arrive within an hour.)

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Heart Time Capsule
0 0 - 0

2. Hobbit Hut
Sheila Corbitt - sheilasart

3. A Birds House
0 0 - 0

Click images for bigger images.
Dragonfly Shores

0 0
Tan House Buttons

Dorothy Domingo
Fantasy House Necklace

0 0
Handbuilt House Box

0 0
Yellow House Dish

Jyl Aker
Orrington House

Sue Capillo
A Birds House

0 0
City Girl Ring Dishes

Melissa Older
Frog house

Marion Walsh
Hobbit House Butter Bell and Cheese Dome

Leslie Nieves
A home is not always a House

deborah gordon
rustic fishing shanty

Kathi Mohlman
The little cottage at the end of the road

Dorothy Brady
Fairy House/Night Light with a Purple Roof

Suzanne Kouris
I Heart Home

Peggy Hamlin
Garden Toad Abode Frog House

Karrita Renzelmann
House Pump Dispenser

stacy gupton
Hobbit Hut

Sheila Corbitt
Haunted Mansion

Bird house with tile roof

Judith Frederick
Heart Time Capsule

0 0
Gnome/Fairy House

Donna Keller
The Journey Home

0 0
L'il Wall Pocket

0 0
Blue House Bead

0 0
Home Sweet Home Pendant

Tina Francis
Faerie Door

Tina Granville
Whimsical Townhouse Pendant

0 0
Lighthouse Vase

Lisa Sowers
Tea in a Tea House

Madeleine Hall-Arber
Gotham City

Ceci Capen