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7th Annual Mug swap

Participating members will sign up to swap handmade mugs (as many as you wish to swap) during this popular event. Judy and Rich (JNPOTTERY) will put all of the email registrations into the database and do the drawing on November 3, 2013. You can sign up for the mug swap anytime between October 6  –  November 2nd, at which time you enter by both filling out the swap form and uploading a photo of your mug.

1) Swap Form. Provide your name, mailing address, email address, shipping preference (U.S. only or International shipping) and number of mugs you want to swap on the appropriate form.

2) Upload entry Form. At the same time, you upload a photo of the mugs you will be swapping. If there is no photo uploaded by November 2nd, then you will not be eligible for the mug swap. (If you're swapping more than one mug, please include all of them in one photo. And if you can include your own mug shot – face shot  -- in the photo, that's even better.)

Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the sender; please be considerate of your fellow swappers and be sure to ship mugs no later than Monday, Nov 11th, 2013.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!
Click images for bigger images.
Flame cup

Dana Paredes
Carved Celadon Mugs

Judy Nevius
Metallic Brown Mug

Elisabeth Carnell
Giant Mermaid Mug - My Mother's Garden

Karrita Renzelmann
Blue mug

Dorothy Brady
Woodland Forest Teacup

Deb Babcock
Wild about Colour

nancy blokland
Turquoise mug

Hodaka Hasebe
Hot Out Of the Kiln

0 0
Moorish Idol Mug

Karen Merrell
Ginkgo Mug

Daisy Friesen
Wheel Thrown and Altered Square Mug

Donna Keller
North Woods Bear Paw Mug

0 0
Footed Mug

Denise Wellington
Sunrise Sunset Mug

0 0
Happy Robot Mug

Jean Smaglik Wells
Bee Mug

Karen Fiorino
Red Stripe Mug

Kristine Cravens
Mug in Blue Rutile & White

Kamielle Shaffer
Blue Woohoo Mug

Sara Goldhawk
Dragon Mug

Sue Jackie Phelan Boutin
Embellished Mug

Mary Lavan
Cat-tastophe Mug

Kathi Mohlman
Tabby Cat Mug

Peggy Hamlin
Emerald Swirl with Leaf Sprig

0 0
polka dotted coffee mug

JD Wolfe
Still Sleeping Mug

0 0
Crow Decal Mug

Jill Taylor
Four to Go...

Page Kelly Piccolo
Brown Curly-Q Mug

0 0
Daisy Mug

Lisa Sowers
Contemplating the day

Madeleine Hall-Arber
Mugs for Dads

0 0
Wave Mug

Sarah Bak
L I F E Tripod Tea Cup

Barbara Hanselman

Gina Phenix
Carved Dahlia Mug in Stormy Sea

Sarah Sewell-Tippin
Dreaming of the Beach

Marie Kennedy
Green stamped mug

Asta Bubliene
Garden Mug

Rachel Gayfield
Woodland Mug

Sue Capillo
Swirl Texture Trinket Dish

Ceci Capen
Leaf Dish

0 0

Keith Phillips