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Totems / Kiln Goddess READY FOR VOTING!

Totem Kiln Goddess challenge. Submit by March 29th

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Kiln Kritter
Becky Ziemer - potswithpersonality

2. Cardinal Totem
0 0 - 0

3. Three Kiln Mice
Deb Babcock - dbabcock

Click images for bigger images.
Fire Breather

0 0

Sue Jackie Phelan Boutin
Kiln heart Totems

deborah gordon
Cardinal Totem

0 0
Worm Creature with Antennae

Tina Granville
Three Kiln Mice

Deb Babcock
Kiln Gods

Marie Kennedy
Kiln Kritter

Becky Ziemer
Watchful Harpy

0 0
Mermaid Kiln Goddess

Madeleine Hall-Arber
KilnGoddess Mudwerkes

Page Kelly Piccolo
Lakshmi Kiln Goddess

Jill Taylor

0 0
silent watcher

Judith Frederick