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Totems / Kiln Goddess READY FOR VOTING!

Totem Kiln Goddess challenge. Submit by March 29th

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Kiln Kritter
Becky Ziemer - potswithpersonality

2. Cardinal Totem
Katherine Mathisen - Mudgoddess

3. Three Kiln Mice
Deb Babcock - dbabcock

Click images for bigger images.
Fire Breather

0 0

Sue Jackie Phelan Boutin
Kiln heart Totems

deborah gordon
Cardinal Totem

Katherine Mathisen
Worm Creature with Antennae

Tina Granville
Three Kiln Mice

Deb Babcock
Kiln Gods

Marie Kennedy
Kiln Kritter

Becky Ziemer
Watchful Harpy

0 0
Mermaid Kiln Goddess

Madeleine Hall-Arber
KilnGoddess Mudwerkes

Page Kelly Piccolo
Lakshmi Kiln Goddess

Jill Taylor

0 0
silent watcher

Judith Frederick