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Members will create an item used for storage. Some examples include yarn bowls, canisters, pencil holders, vases. Enjoy!

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Leaf carved garlic jar
Judy Nevius - JNpottery

2. Fairy House Jar
Marion Walsh - BlueButterflyCrafts

3. Autumn Fern Box
Sue Capillo - Botanic2Ceramic

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Jewelry Box/Footed Oval Storage Jar

Jennifer Burke
sgraffito jar

Dana Paredes
Birds on a branch

Jackson Gray
Tatoo Bowl

Jyl Aker
Humming Bird Vase

Joyce Butler
Dragonfly Covered Jar

Karen Merrell
Salt and pepper jars

Julie Cavender
Two toned blue jar

0 0
Cookie Jar

Hodaka Hasebe
Anagama Kitchen Tool Crock

Elisabeth Carnell
Virginian Waters Box

0 0
Fairy House Jar

Marion Walsh
Full of...

Jeana Greulach
Sage storage Jar

Dorothy Brady
Shiny Blue dream

0 0
Cat-nopic Jar

Karen Fiorino
Sgraffito Honey Pot

Marie Kennedy
Urn for a Dearly Departed Kitty

Becky Ziemer
Sugar Bowl

Sheila Corbitt
Porcelain Lidded Box with Bird and Butterflies

Pat Parker
Flower Power Lidded Jars

Leslie Nieves
Large storage canaster

Judith Frederick
Cameo Wall vase

deborah gordon
Ganesh the Elephant Urn

Jill Taylor
It's Alphabetical!

0 0
Wall Flower Vase

Peggy Hamlin
Chartreuse Frog Garlic Jar

Daisy Friesen
Raku Jar

0 0
Garlic Keeper

Deb Babcock

Denise Wellington
Dragonfly Jar

LeeAnn Halweg
Coin Storage - Wishing Bank Pod

Melissa Older
Lighthouse Canisters

Lisa Sowers
Vintage Rose Honey Pot

0 0
Rustic faceted jar

Rin Temkin
Cinnamon Brown Lidded Jar

nancy blokland
White Sea Birds Sugar and Creamer

Cecily Maples

0 0
Leaf carved garlic jar

Judy Nevius
Pink dogwood jar

Suzanne Rehbock
Earring Holder

0 0
Sunflower Jar

0 0
Autumn Fern Box

Sue Capillo
Small Storage Jar

Jenny Blasen
Beer Howler

Jon Whitney
Canister/ lidded jar

Jennifer Vigil
Treats for a Good Dog!

Tina Granville
Cookie Jar

0 0
Bone Vase

0 0
Angel's Share

Leonard Conte