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Place Settings Enter by October 3rd

Members will create a place setting with a minimum of two pieces.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Stoneware Dragonfly Dishes
Lisa Boucher - clayworksnh

2. Turquoise
Hodaka Hasebe - Hodakapottery

3. Blue Plate Special
0 0 - 0

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Jacqueline Allard
Try to Stay Within The Lines

Jackson Gray
Rustic Setting

Jeana Greulach
Red White and Black entertaining set

0 0
Stripes for Dinner

Kristine Cravens
Blue Butterflies for breakfast!

Marion Walsh
Blue Plate Special

0 0
Black and Tan

0 0
Garnet Red Dinner Set

Sheila Corbitt
Ceramic Dinnerware Set

Pat Parker
Sushi set

deborah gordon
Plate Bowl and Cup Dinnerware Set

Manuela Marino
"Gathering Treasure" RavenWare

0 0
Cobalt Blue 4 Piece Place Setting with Asian Leaf Design

Daisy Friesen
Woodland forest place setting

Deb Babcock
4-piece porcelain dinnerware set with flower design

0 0
Mt Fuji Plates

Jyl Aker
Apple and Honey dipper set

Karen Fiorino
Northern Lights

nancy blokland
4 piece Breakfast Set,

Melissa Older
Summer Morning

Susan Troy
Soup, Salad & Sip

Jolene Cap
Water Lily Dinner Set

Sue Capillo
Child's Place Setting

Tina Granville
Stoneware Dragonfly Dishes

Lisa Boucher
Everyday Lace Dishes

stacy gupton
Four piece place setting

Judith Frederick
Spring Snow

Madeleine Hall-Arber

Hodaka Hasebe