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Anything Goes OPEN FOR VOTING!

Member will enter a ceramic piece of their choice. Have fun!

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Birch Tree Vase
Jennifer Vigil - MayaArtStudio

2. Mamma and Baby Bunny Bedtime
Jill Taylor - jillatay

3. Down by the Lake
Denise Wellington - freshwellpottery

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Mermaid Bowl

Jacqueline Allard
Lace textured cake stand

Monika Colic
Large Sgraffito Vase

Dana Paredes
Fruit Bowl

Deb Babcock
some day

0 0
Fall Harvest Tray

Joyce Butler
Birch Tree Vase

Jennifer Vigil
15 in. Leaf Ceramic Serving Dish

Pat Parker
Goodness, Gracious, Great Platters of Fire!

Elisabeth Carnell
Sea Grape Leaf Plate

Karen Merrell
Mamma and Baby Bunny Bedtime

Jill Taylor
Down by the Lake

Denise Wellington
Tree of Life Necklace

Lisa Boucher
Tall hand built vase or utensil holder

Julie Cavender
Dragonfly Candle Holder

LeeAnn Halweg
White Coral Bowl

0 0
Tea Set for my Granddaughter

Tina Granville
Swimming Upstream

Leslie Nieves
Acorn & Leaf Bead Set

Tina Francis
Poppy Bowl

Marion Walsh
Chicken Love Utensil Holder

Sheila Corbitt
It can't be "all gone!"

Peggy Dalberto
Seashell Face Planter Pot

Karrita Renzelmann
Hanging Planter - Blue

0 0
Peacock Half Plate for Kitchen Serving or Decor

Sara Goldhawk
Oak Leaf Vase

Sue Capillo
Bigfoot and Kitten

Peggy Hamlin
Pitcher and cup

Dorothy Brady
Coiled Vase - Tan with Turquoise Throat

Maryjane Carlson
Swan Raku Wall-Hanging Plaque

0 0
Leaves of Fall

Sandy Dierks
Rustic Square Serving Dish

Karen Duddy
Doberman with Floppy Ears Urn

Lisa Sowers
Set of 3 Vases - Slate/Cream

Suzanne Kouris
Nothing Gold Can Stay

Leonard Conte
Small Sunburst Teapot

Terry Parker
The Great Blue Heron Stalks a Large Bowl

Madeleine Hall-Arber
Pair of shino pumpkins

Judith Frederick