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White Challenge Enter by May 9th

Anything with the color white as the primary glaze.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Siamese Cat Yarn Bowl
Meloni Kincknet - ironNearth

2. White Porcelain Rice Bowls
Judy Nevius - JNpottery

3. Just WHITE- Raku
Ceci Capen - artsielady

Click images for bigger images.
Dinner setting for Two

deborah gordon
Laughing Buddha

0 0
Baby Polar Bear

0 0
Simple Textured Bowls

Licia Lucas-Pfadt
Handmade Bunny Ceramic Square Plate or Wall Hanging

Pat Parker
White Vegetable and Rice Steamer

Sarah Sewell-Tippin
sgraffito ring bowl

Dana Paredes
Crackle with Driftwood

Candace McCollough
White mug with Raspberry on top

Dorothy Brady
Fairy Candle House

Gini/ potterybygini
Large lace textured cake stand

Monika Colic
Just WHITE- Raku

Ceci Capen
Stamped & Quilted Mug

Karrita Renzelmann
Polar Bear

Marion Walsh
Friends & Family

0 0
White Porcelain Rice Bowls

Judy Nevius
Horsehair Raku Vessel

Elisabeth Carnell
Place Setting

Jeana Greulach
Ceramic Sculptured Vessel

Deb Babcock
Spikey white hanging planter sphere

0 0

Patricia Sadler Trainor
Bunny Bowl

0 0
Asparagus tray with dogwood blossoms

Julie Cavender
White Stoneware Gourd

Jyl Aker
Siamese Cat Yarn Bowl

Meloni Kincknet
Queen Anne's Lace Raku

Marie Kennedy
Barnacle Salt and Pepper Cellars

Anna Woolf
Musician's F Clef Mug

Madeleine Hall-Arber
White Votive/Oil diffuser

Manuela Marino
Asian Goddess Face Wall Hanging

Jill Taylor
Little White Cups Wall Art

0 0
White porcelain Tea Light Holders

Maryjane Carlson
Snowy Owl Holder

Peggy Hamlin