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Gift Ideas for HIm Enter by June 19th

Pottery/sculputre with men as the intended customer or with men as the theme.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Watch box
Gini/ potterybygini - PotteryByGini

2. Best.Dad.EVER.
0 0 - 0

3. He Doesn't Mind the Rain, Not Really
0 0 - 0

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Coin Catcher trinket dish for dad

deborah gordon
Wood-Fired Stein

Elisabeth Carnell
2 wine cups

Peggy Dalberto
Pint Beer Stein Customized for Him

Kristine Cravens
apothecary shaving mug

Dorothy Brady
He Doesn't Mind the Rain, Not Really

0 0
Mug for Him..?

0 0
Whiskey Rocker

Licia Lucas-Pfadt
HUGE Beer Mugs / Steins

Pat Parker
Watch box

Gini/ potterybygini
sgraffito shot glass

Dana Paredes
Cyberpunk Pen Pot

Marion Walsh
Pair of coffee mugs in chocolate and pistachio

Sarah Sewell-Tippin
Men's office accessories

Jyl Aker
Nature lover ceramic mug

Monika Colic
Craft Beer Pint

MaryBeth Hill
Mug for Him

Melissa Older
Coffee in the morning Beer at night

Jon Whitney
Man sized mug

LeeAnn Halweg
French Butter Keeper

Lee Daniels

0 0
Dad Pottery Mug

Deb Babcock
Two Tone Man Size Mug

Yvonne Tornatta
Large blue and green mug

Maxine Oland
Coffee / Beer mug

Amy Droste
Red Teapot

Gina Phenix

Deidra Krois
Catch all Trinket Dish for Him

Karen Duddy
Quart Size Beer Stein

Sue Capillo