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For the Bride Enter by July 24th

Pottery for wedding gifts, or wedding favors or anything wedding related.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Sushi for Two
Judy Nevius - JNpottery

2. Backyard Chicken Wedding Cake Toppers!
Madeleine Hall-Arber - madmud

3. Porcelain Kitty Cat Bride
Jill Taylor - jillatay

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Wedding platter

Jacqueline Allard
Ring bearer Dish

deborah gordon
Wedding Favor Dish "Double Happiness"

Licia Lucas-Pfadt
Ceramic Art Magnolia Flower on Driftwood

Pat Parker
celtic trinity knot

Gina Phenix
Bridal ceramic white rose necklace

Monika Colic
Husband and Wife Mugs

Melissa Older
Vintage Lace Bowl

Karrita Renzelmann
wedding party mug

Jeana Greulach
Rustic Wedding Favors

Meloni Kincknet
His & Hers

Deb Babcock
Horsehair Raku Vessel

Elisabeth Carnell
Spoon Rest Wedding or Shower Favors

LeeAnn Halweg
wedding favors

Gini/ potterybygini
Bali Collection dinnerware set for the Bride

0 0
Cedar Wax Wing Platter

Joyce Butler
noodle bowl

Dorothy Brady

Deidra Krois
Wedding Cake with pink hearts and roses

Marion Walsh
Porcelain Kitty Cat Bride

Jill Taylor
Customized His and Hers Personalized Trays

0 0
Mrs. and Mr. Espresso Cups

Manuela Marino
I Do, Me Too Wedding Wine Goblets

0 0
Bride and Groom mug set

Judith Frederick
Sake Set for Two

Jolene Cap
Mr and Mrs Mugs

Dorothy Domingo
Wedding Dance

Leslie Nieves
Sushi for Two

Judy Nevius
Cream and Sugar Set with Tray

Jennifer Burke
Backyard Chicken Wedding Cake Toppers!

Madeleine Hall-Arber
Flower Bowl Ring Dish

Cecily Maples
Tiny Seashell Wall Pockrt

Karen Duddy
wedding favor heart bowls

Suzanne Kouris