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Trinket dish Swap

Participating members will sign up to swap handmade trinket dish(es) (as many as you wish to swap) during this popular event. Judy and Rich (JNPOTTERY) will put all of the email registrations into the database and do the drawing on March 19th. You can sign up for the trinket dish swap anytime between February 26th and March 18, 2016, at which time you enter by both filling out the swap form and uploading a photo of your trinket dish.

1) Swap Form. Provide your name, mailing address, email address, shipping preference (U.S. only or International shipping) and number of dishes  you want to swap on the appropriate form.

2) Upload entry Form. At the same time, you upload a photo of the trinket dish(es) you will be swapping. If there is no photo uploaded by March 18th, then you will not be eligible for the trinket dish swap. (If you're swapping more than one dish, please include all of them in one photo. And if you can include your own mug shot – face shot  -- in the photo, that's even better.)

Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the sender; please be considerate of your fellow swappers and be sure to ship mugs no later than Monday, March 30, 2016.

This challenge is over. Here are the results!

1. Blooming
Karen Baker - Majoleeka

2. Puffy Cloud Little Tray
Karen Fiorino - ClayLickCreekPottery

3. Dragonfly Dish
Jill Taylor - jillatay

Click images for bigger images.
blue algea sea shell dish

Kathi Mohlman
Mountain Design Trinket Dish

Carley Gil
Dish with Blue Butterflies

Marion Walsh
Lace leaf trinket Dish

deborah gordon
Starburst Trinket Dish

Gini/ potterybygini
Raku-fired Trinket Dishes

Elisabeth Carnell
Small Hosta Leaf Dish

Kamielle Shaffer
Amber Imprinted Card Tray

Jolene Cap
rectangular trinket dish

Dorothy Brady

Karen Baker
Dragonfly Dish

Jill Taylor
Small Celadon Dish

christine Oster
Rainbow Bird Trinket Plate

Joyce Butler
Puffy Cloud Little Tray

Karen Fiorino
Pistachio Green Trinket Dish

Sarah Sewell-Tippin
Rutile Trinket Tray

Textured Swirl Trinket Dish

Ceci Capen
Raku Leaf Dish

0 0

Lisa & Alex LaPella
Waves trinket dish

Maryjane Carlson
Floating Blue Trinket Dish

Karen Duddy
Blue Barnacle Trinket Dish

Anna Woolf