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Homage to a spider that I squashed

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This handcarved tile measures approximately 7 1/2" wide X 9 1/2" high, and about 3/4" thick. It was carved in a tan stoneware clay as homage to a spider that I squashed. In all fairness to myself, it clearly crossed the personal space boundaries posted in my studio policies. AND, it came upon me without notice, and JUMPING at that, so it wasn't pre-meditated squashing, but it was well deserved. I don't make it a habit of squashing spiders, and when they appear near or on me when I'm outside, I usually just brush them away. I admit this one gave me quit a start. Hey, even Miss Muffett, who I hear was known for her calm, collected manner, reacted in a poor fashion when surprised by an arachnid. The tile is glazed in a gloss black on the spider body, green shino on the "web" border, and glossy clear in the background and spider markings.


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