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Shiny Black Donut Teapot and Son

Pat Parker

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I made this perfect closed in circle on my potters wheel. After trimming it smooth, I cut out a section and put on feet. I then threw a spout on the wheel and rolled out a handle and made a lid with a round top in keeping with the circle theme. Then all was assembled to let the donut do a little dance:<) I thought he looked a little lonesome, so I made him a friend: I swore they were playing around in my studio when I was gone and they looked so innocent when I returned. Guess what I found this morning?? Tiny Shiny Black Donut Teapot:>) 11 1/2"x 10" Black Stoneware Teapot and his tiny son. Both teapots are non-functional and for decoration and collections only. See more photos here:


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