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Colorful Bird Whistles

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I took a ceramics workshop in the Jura Mountain region while we were living in France for several years. Our teacher for the workshop got bored with us one day and proceeded to throw two tiny closed forms on the potter's wheel that he then sculpted into bird whistles. He showed them to us and told us that hunters used to use such things while hunting birds. I don't know if I believed him, but every time he blew into one of them, there came an answering real bird call from outside. Coincidence? These are some of my versions of bird whistles. I use porcelain and throw them as closed forms, sculpting them afterwards giving each it's own individuality. I then paint them with brightly colored clay slips, hand-carve a design in the surface, and after glazing with a clear glossy glaze, I fire them to cone 6 in an electric kiln.


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