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Raku Heart Whistle

Anna Woolf

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AKA The Quadruple Bypass, a 4-hole whistle, hand-built of stoneware clay, Raku-fired using a homemade trash can kiln to 1900°F then heavily reduced to accentuate the thickly-applied white crackle glaze. I created this whistle in the shape of a heart because my wife kept telling me that my whistles reminded her of human organs. As this was not my intention (I was just working out the kinks-you know-pushing the clay as far as it would go), I was feeling a little inadequate and decided then and there, to create a whistle in the shape of an organ, but more so, a whistle I had never seen before. My wife… I’ll show her. I did and she liked it. The whistle works; you hold the Aorta and Superior Vena Cava with your right hand, put the first three fingers and thumb of your left hand over the 4 holes around the Left Ventricle, then just blow through the left Pulmonary Artery – easy peasy. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed working on it.


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