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"What If" Orca Raku Rattle

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This is my "What If" Orca for many reasons. Most obvious is the word IF that appeared in the white crackle glaze. In addition to the IF, it looks like he's crying. "What if I made a raku Orca?" "What if he doesn’t turn out well"? The seemingly magical appearance of the word if made me think of other "What If" questions. "What if their population continues to decline?" “What if humans don’t do anything about it.” “What if….” Orca Whales as a species are not yet endangered, but their numbers have been declining over the years, especially in certain areas. Biologists don't yet know exactly why. It could be because of declining food resources, habitat loss from pollution, illness, or other environmental issues. I hand built this little male Orca whale using the standard heavily grogged raku clay, and glazed him in copper turquoise sand, and white crackle. He measures 9" from nose to fluke and 5" from pectoral flipper to dorsal fin. I hope you like him as much as I enjoyed making him. In fact I had so much fun I’m making another. I wonder if, I’ll get another IF.


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