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This Beautiful Bell was hand cut and formed from thin porcelain clay slabs and the word SING was stamped into the clay while it was still wet using Antique Letterpress Stamps,(it's on the other side of the Bell from the Bird and unfortunately I do not have a photo program that allows me to "split the picture and show both sides!). I applied stains to the bisqued clay and then rubbed them off here and there to give the piece a rustic look, then I drew the singing Birdie free-hand (there are even little black musical notes above and around it's head!) and painted it with 3 coats of glaze before firing it again. I finished this Bell with a gorgeous string of Amber, Gold and Crystal glass beads hanging off of the beautiful Vintage Glass beads strung at the top. I used a Vintage yellow glass bead for the "clapper" and there's also a little clear bead at the end of the yarn to "tether" it, all of the Beads from a large container of wondrous Heirloom sewing sundries I inherited when my Gramma passed away a few years ago. I strung a lovely pieces of hand spun art yarn through the beads and also to hang this Beautiful Bell by! :)


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