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2/7/2009 7:47:40 AM

Etsy Mud Team Membership Requirements

After reading these requirements, please go to our team page on Etsy to apply for membership.

Shop Inventory - Shops must maintain at least 40% of their total inventory in handmade clay items. Pieces are to be made start to finish using wet clay or slip and can be wheel thrown, slab/hand-built, or formed from original molds. Only these original clay works may use the team tag in their listings. (etsymudteam)

You may have other clay work in your shop, but no more than 10% of your total inventory may be created using alternative methods (ie: commercial molds, ram press) and this must be disclosed in those listings. These items may not use the team tag. Special circumstances can be made for those using these methods in non-traditional, experimental ways. Please see the team leaders for details.

Membership Dues – Membership dues are $15 per annum paid annually in January.  Dues must be received by the last day of  January .  Members who fail to pay their dues will be dropped from the Team. Mermbership dues are prorated for new members who join during the year.


Please send dues payments via PayPal - Log-in to your PayPal account.  Click the Send Money tab; the Etsy Mud Team e-mail address is   Please include your Etsy shop name or username in the "Email to recipient" message.


Team Participation - Two participation credits are required annually to remain a member in good standing unless you are a new member. Only one participation credit is required for new members in the year they sign up. You can get participation credits by doing the following:

1) Entering a challenge.  One entry per shop per challenge. You will receive one participation credit for each challenge you enter.

2) You can donate a prize for a challenge and if that prize gets selected by one of the winners, you are credited with one participation credit. You will need to notify Terry (LomaPrietaPottery) that your prize was selected. To donate a prize, please email a .jpg and description of your prize to .

3) You can create two (2) treasuries in the calendar year that meet the following criteria:
       a) 4 mud team members in the top three rows
       b) No nonmember clay work
       c) Tagged with etsymudteam

You will receive one participation credit for every 2 treasuries meeting the criteria that you create.  Credit will be given when you contact
Terry (LomaPrietaPottery)  to let us know that you have created 2 treasuries meeting the criteria.

4) Alternatively, you can pay $10 in lieu of one participation credit - a limit of one credit can be paid for each year. Send the $10 payment to via Paypal.  Be sure to indicate in the message that the payment is in lieu of a participation credit.

You can view status of your challenge entries on the  membership list


Our Event Schedule is posted on the website. A description of upcoming challenges can be found on the Calendar of Events page. We now open challenges for entry once we determine what they are and when they will occur.  Click on the Challenges link to see what challenges are open for entry and when the entries will close.  There is usually more than one with a future closing date to choose from. Please contact IslandGirlPottery (Jacqui ), Event Coordinator, with any questions regarding our events.


Monetary Substitutions – Log-in to your PayPal account.  Click the Send Money tab; the Etsy Mud Team e-mail address is  Please include your Etsy Username and specify what the contribution is for, i.e. Etsy Username; Contribution = Membership or In lieu of participation payment.


Event Prize Donations – Members donating prizes to our events/challenges will receive an “event participation” credit should their prize be selected by the event/challenge winner.

Discussion PostingParticipation in the discussions in our forums is not mandatory, but it is recommended for you to remain connected and get full benefit from the team. To locate our forums – from the Etsy home page, click Community, then Teams.  Once you are a member of the team, you will see our team page show up at the top of the page. Enter there and look for our forums.   For our weekly general discussions open to everyone, please join us here.­m-discussions . We start a new chat thread every Sunday morning. To save you having to read the entire discussion, we will be highlighting important announcements. These highlighted posts will appear at the beginning of discussion. They are also accessible by clicking on the "Show Thread Summary" at the top of any page.


Treasury CreationTreasury participation is not required, but creating treasuries using team members is encouraged.­  Remember to post a link to your treasury in the team thread so that our members can comment and click on it.  The official Mud Team listing tag is “etsymudteam” .  Searching etsymudteam is a simple way of finding Mud Team members’ items to fill your treasury. Another way to find items is to use the favorites of theEtsyMudTeam  (a team account managed by our President - JDWolfePottery (Jen) . You can receive participation credit for treasuries if the meet the requirements specified in the Team Participation section of this page.


* Remember – All memberships are reviewed on a quarterly basis.  All members found to be out of compliance with our guidelines will risk losing their membership.  Members receiving 3 consecutive strikes will lose their Mud Team membership.  Also, members who fail to pay their membership dues will be dropped from the team.


Team Volunteers -

Team Officers:

Jen (
JDWolfePottery ) - President
Lisa (
  LaPellaPottery ) - Vice President
Terry (
LomaPrietaPottery ) - Treasurer


Keith (
Mudstuffing ) - Webmaster
Terry (
LomaPrietaPottery ) - Catalog


Jacquie (
IslandGirlPottery ) - Events Coordinator
Judy (
JNpottery ) - Swap/Exchange Hostess
Melissa (
CedarPocket ) - Heart Slinging Coordinator

Lisa (
LaPellaPottery )

Membership Coordinator:

Melissa (