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2/26/2008 9:39:40 AM

How the Site Works

 So you may be wondering... how does this site work? Well I tried to automate everything as much as possible. That means you have to register as a member. Click here to Apply for Membership. When you register, you enter your Etsy UserID and this let's the site incude you in all the nifty little EtsyMini's throughout the site.


All of these EtsyMini's are random, they change everytime the page is loaded. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to get some exposure.

The Member Gallery shows all registered members. The order of the list is random. If you need to look someone up, use the "MudTeam Members", it is a list of links in alphabetical order.

I also hooked up a "Mega Member Gallery" in the member's only section. It shows 6 items from everyone's shop. I think this is a great way to check out the new goods from each other's shop.

Member's Only...

Wait... what's the member's only section? Yep, when you register you get access to that as well. This section has content for member's only - duh! But the important thing is you can post information in there to share with members. Once you are logged in, you should see the menu on the left with a link to "post and article". You can upload pictures to your article and do facy HTML stuff. Use the folders/sections provided to post your article in the correct category. Just let me know if you need a new category.

To me, I think this is the value of having this website. The discussion thread moves so dang fast, we can't all keep up and see the good "nuggets" of info members share. So next time you or someone on the team posts a good "nugget", feel free to login here and post that as an article, so it benefits the whole team.... good gossip will live well here too!


Yep, I tried to automate this one as much as possible too. The entry dates and voting dates are plugged into the system. When you are logged in, and the date is correct, you should see a link to enter the challenge. You can now add a description to your entry, and small/large photos are automatically uploaded from your computer...

You can only enter once per challenge, and you can't edit your entry once up, so don't mess up...

Anyone can vote once per don't have to be logged in to vote. An email address is optional, but you won't be entered in the raffle unless you enter one.

The system tallies the votes, and I will post the results shortly after it's done.

Okey Dokey...

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to send me a convo at, or use the contact form to the left....